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Football Basketball Rugby Tennis Baseball Croc Charms

Football Basketball Rugby Tennis Baseball Croc Charms

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Football, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball and Croc Charms are some of the most popular sports and activities enjoyed worldwide. Each sport has its own unique charm and appeal to its fans. Football is an exciting fast-paced physical sport played both indoors and outdoors with teams of 11 players. Basketball is played on a court with two teams of five players who try to score by throwing a ball through a hoop. Rugby is a collision sport where two teams try to gain possession of the ball by tackling the opposition players. Tennis requires two players or two teams of two playing singles or doubles for points on a court. Baseball is played between two teams with each team having nine innings to score runs by hitting a ball thrown by the opposing team's pitcher. Lastly, Croc Charms are rubber bands in animal shapes that can be used as jewelry or collected as souvenirs from various locations around the world.


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